Goodbye tampons: welcome sustainable underwear

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Modibodi: the Australian brand created by a woman, for women.

Pads and tampons are everyday items for women, but have you ever thought about how polluting they are to our environment?

According to statistical data, a woman uses between 8,000 and 17,000 tampons or pads throughout her life, producing between 125 and 150 kg of waste. After their time of use (which is very short), feminine hygiene products end up in the trash and take hundreds of years to biodegrade; especially when wrapped in the plastic containers usually provided for this purpose. One year’s use of feminine hygiene products is estimated to leave a carbon footprint of 5.3 kg CO2 equivalent.


A life cycle assessment of tampons, by the “Royal Institute of Technology” in Stockholm, found that the greatest impact of these products on global warming is due to the processing of LDPE (low density polyethylene); a thermoplastic used for tampon applicators and plastic packaging for sanitary pads, which requires large amounts of energy generated by fossil fuels.

This problem has been solved by “Modibodi“, a brand of eco-friendly lingerie founded by Kristy Chong: mother, entrepreneur and activist for women’s rights and health. In 2011, after the birth of her second child, Chong suffered from vaginal discharge and realized that the underwear on the market could not help her.

Kristy Chong Founder Modibodi

To Problem, Solution. In 2013, Kristy Chong invented leak-proof, patented “Modifier Technology ™ panties that are now part of the “Modibodi” collection. A reusable, sustainable range of tops, tank tops, anti-aging and anti-sweat underwear created to solve women’s issues and free us from endless amounts of waste.

Modibodi” underwear, indeed, totally replaces disposable products such as panty liners, tampons, pads and incontinence products. The underwear are made with high quality technological fabrics (such as Bamboo, Merino Perform Wool and Microfibers) and with breathable and antimicrobial fibers patented Modifier Technology ™: the lining is stain-resistant and super thin (only 3 mm). The cotton of the ” RED ” range (the line for teenagers), moreover, is organic and comes from GOTS certified factories.

Therefore the “Modibodi” panties can be used (during the menstrual cycle, or in case of losses of other kinds) for 24 hours, remaining antiperspirant, anti-sweat and not emanating any smell. After that, they can be washed and reused up to 2 years in a row!

How Modibodi Works

The achievements since 2013 are impressive: in 2018 “Modibodi” arrived in England, and in 2019 it reached France and Germany; it also won the sustainability award at the “NSW Export Awards“. Recently, the brand also launched an initiative entitled “Give A Pair“. Female consumers can buy a pair of underwear, which will be donated to women in need through various associations. Since the initiative was launched, “Modibodi” has donated well over 20,000 pairs of underwear, about 1,000 per month.

Modibodi‘s vision is to break the stigma on women’s health issues. We open up the dialogue, talk about topics that would traditionally be taboos, and empower women to talk about periods, incontinence, and sweating. No one should be ashamed when it comes to their bodies,” said Kristy Chong. “My goal? To continue improving women’s lives, which is also my greatest accomplishment.”

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