Biorfarm: a new digital farming community

Are you passionate about plants but don’t have a garden? Does your partner love nature but you don’t know how to surprise him? Would you like to grow your own vegetable garden but do not know where to start? To meet the needs of all those people with a green soul, Biorfarm was born; the first digital farming community created to revolutionize the relationship between people, plants and organic food.

The birth of an innovative start-up

“Thanks to my passion for the digital world, technology and nature, I have created a start-up that today supports more than 50 small and medium-sized farmers in Italy”. These are the words with which Osvaldo de Falco, founder of Biorfarm and director of Confagricoltura Giovani (an organization that represents young agricultural entrepreneurs), introduces himself.

The idea of creating a start-up like Biorfarm, says Osvaldo, was born in Calabria. It all began when, after living a few years in Milan, the young entrepreneur decided to return to his homeland to help the family business. In fact, it is in this beautiful Italian peninsula that the de Falco family has owned a small farm for years.

Working in close contact with nature and everything that surrounds it, Osvaldo immediately realizes how many difficulties every farmer has to face every day. In fact, today there are about 25,000 farmers who have to abandon their fields every year because of an unfair food chain that attracts more and more consumers. The giants of the big distribution are getting richer and richer; on the contrary of the small agricultural producers who see their income decreasing every day.

To counteract this unfavorable mechanism, Osvaldo thinks about a new business model: digitalizing agriculture to put the farmer and the consumer in direct contact. Digital innovation can give greater visibility to the operators of the sector and make more visible and efficient the individual agricultural activities, which must act in an increasingly competitive international market. This is the idea on the basis of which develops the complicated process that will lead to the creation of this innovative and sustainable start-up.

How to adopt (or give) a tree

The startup works quickly and easily, designed to facilitate even the least tech-savvy people. First, you need to select the type of plant you prefer. Then you proceed with the payment and the following creation of your account. It will be thanks to this registration, more precisely in the updates section, that you can follow the growth and progress of your plant. The format behind this start-up is in fact similar to that which characterizes the most common social platforms. The farmer, who takes care of your purchase everyday, will share with you (through photos or videos) what he does in the fields. In this way you will be able to realize what is the life of your tree. It will be like cultivating, even if indirectly, your own purchase.

Once the growing process is complete, consumers will find their harvest in recyclable or isothermal cardboard containers, depending on the requirements designed, to allow your fruit to arrive in perfect condition for up to 96 hours after shipment.

Following the cultivation, being able to monitor it wherever you are, and seeing the growth of your own organic fruits are definitely great satisfactions. But this is not all that this start-up makes possible. Biorfarm allows you to do much more. You can write to your farmer to get in touch with him; you can receive your fruits for free at home; and finally, if you wish, you can go and collect food directly in the countryside.

Authentic trees with a single click

The founder of this digital farming community highlights how meticulous the process is through which the farmers who join their community are chosen: authenticity comes first. The selected farmers demonstrate a unique service to ensure that the consumer receives a flawless selection process. In fact, the philosophy behind their work is to create small, authentic and sustainable ecosystems that always guarantee great food quality.

Orange tree

Interested in adopting or giving away an authentic tree, then following its cultivation and receiving the fruit? Just click on You will be faced with a wide range of choices. From the diamond cedar to the ancient olive tree, it will take just a few clicks to choose your favorite plant, decide the position you like in the field and customize your choice by giving a name to your purchase. You can create your digital orchard wherever you are, within the Italian territory and in the main countries of the European Union (France, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium).

After all, each of us loves to cook and enjoy our favorite dishes together with friends or family. And we often wonder what is really behind what we eat. Being able to observe the slow process of birth and maturation of foods that we then find on our tables is a luxury that, thanks to a digital farming community like Biorfarm, we can now afford.

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