Ego Blood

We need to start by making peace with the fashion industry. We have to understand that they do not control our purchasing decisions as if we were puppets. In fact, we decide what we want to buy, how we want to do it, and when, and especially to whom. But that’s why we need to be more aware of what we truly want.

It is also true that we need more options from the fashion industry. Luckily for us, big brands are slowly (really slowly) trying to change the correlation fashion vs animals. I say “luckily” because, even though it’s a big and powerful industry, these small changes make the difference to the buyer who empathises for the case.

There’s still a lot to do. So, let’s raise our voices and call for radical changes in the treatments of animals. But above all, let us train ourselves in order to defend our rights and consumer choices consistently so that the industry and consumers fall in love with life, without causing any pain to harmless beings because of our beauty.

Since animals are also living beings, they are born free, as well. But, unlike us, they cannot go to a shop and buy some leather.


Art Director & Stylist: Karyna Prieto

Photos: Sarah Tarves

Model: Ekateryna K.

MUA Serena Palma & assitant: Alessandra Mezza

This post is also available in: Italian Spanish

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