Etro joins the green side

On the occasion of World Oceans Day, which is celebrated on June 8 every year since 1992, the Italian brand Etro launches its ecological puffer entirely made with materials derived from the recyling of plastic bottles, thus honoring this day and reaffirming in such a way its green path.

The brand claims that each garment is created with about 120 bottles. Thanks to New Life YarnTM yarn, which is used for the fabrics, lining and labels, it has allowed a saving of 32% in CO2 emissions, 94% of consumption of water and 60% of electric power compared to virgin polyester polymer, giving in this way meaning to what was declared by the stylist Kean Etro: “The life of a garment begins with fibers, materials, processes, hands that create. Sustainability is not a slogan: it is a story, it is a commitment”.

Etro’s sustainable collection will be available from early July in its single-brand stores across Europe, Asia and United States

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