Wellness of mind and body; APoEM

APoEM’s vegan and naturally sourced cosmetics bring wellness to mind and body with a deep transparency

The APoEM brand is inspired by the desire to be a tool for awareness on a personal level. Their goal is to help people reconnect with their inner selves and dreams in order to regain wellness of mind and body.

The perfect combination

All the products created in the company’s laboratories represent a sought-after combination of Chemotyped Aromatherapy and Bio-Plasma Phytotherapy.

The first of these practices consists of delicate balances, molecular processes, and biochemical effects. In this process are used essential oils that with their active ingredients, produce positive results on the body and mind.

The second instead, involves the use of herbs for the treatment of diseases or to maintain the well-being of the body.

The concept that develops from the combination of the two is that of clean and safe cosmetics. Their goal is to reconnect people to happy memories through mind and body wellness.

The path to the well-being of mind and body

According to science, aromatherapy is directly linked to the production of endorphins. This affects and improves stress and depression to bring the body and mind back into balance. Precisely, this type of approach involves a specific chemical detection of an organism; therefore, it is essential for healing to identify the actual chemical composition of the product. The company’s chemotype essential oils are able to increase the therapeutic degree and provide an optimal psycho-neurosensory stimulus.

Next, APoEM works on improving skin conditions through Mediterranean herbs and botanical extracts linked to essential oils through bio-plasma phytotherapy. The technique uses a bioactive broth to which secondary metabolites from plant cell culture are added. This means it comes from a slow natural transformation where plant cells produce micro-substances, such as vitamins, through controlled stimuli. In addition, they are catalysts that enhance its protection, strengthening, and repair.

Natural formulas

The vision of the brand and the creative team is a simple, realistic, and concrete thought. Everything is matter, cells, particles, and atoms. As a direct result, chemistry has a place in the natural development of products.

The aromas and velvety substances are proposed as the connection between the earth and the inner essence, giving new energy. The process follows some salient points starting with the nose tuning the different smells, the palate learning, and the eyes seeing and understanding.

APoEM, in addition to being based on the components of the world around us, is enriched with a lot of love. You can see it in how Paola, known in the field for being an expert in toxic-free formulations and active ingredients is described. Colleagues represent her as having “a magic touch in formulating her products”.

With this in mind, the brand identified the differences and specific needs of all skins.

The origins of mind and body wellness

The choice of essential oils and all the aromas falls on memories of a childhood in Sicily and innocent summers. Then we add the land of Tuscany, its cuisine, and affections to accompany the sunrise and sunset among many scents. This is Paola’s story and life; a genuine and sentimental origin.

A precise choice of herbs, such as rosemary and oats; natural remedies to cure the diseases of the past. A garden behind the house that inspired the choice to bring these ancient arts in cosmetics; Paola’s.

Transparency and Sharing

Product information is one of the most valuable assets to consumers. For this reason, the company communicates everything down to the exact percentage of the naturalness of each product. The basis for displaying this data is a unified criterion that shows what is defined as natural and what is not (ISO16128).

The main feature that comes from the desire to share is to bring back memories through olfactory memory. Paola Gugliotta says: “When I create and use APoEM products, I reconnect with my happy memories that raise awareness of my childhood and this becomes a reminder to appreciate every beautiful detail.
Only when I feel complete, grateful, and present I am able to share that love with myself and others. This is my very personal mindfulness tool for transforming my habits. I simplify it into four essential words: yes, thank you, love”.

Values and ideals

A well-defined way of designing and developing products; there are no animal-derived ingredients. That’s why the creations are also suitable for vegan people.

For petroleum derivatives, artificial dyes or fragrances, sulfates, formaldehyde releasers, parabens, silicones, toxic byproducts, ethoxylated ingredients, UV filters one rule applies. They are banned.

APoEM also follows the provisions for animal testing as a legislative standard, yet avoids testing on humans without decision-making capacity such as children. A fundamental element is the disclosure of the real % of naturalness, with the guarantee that at least 99% of the ingredients present in the products are natural. They reserve that 1% only for substances that are still natural but would catastrophically affect the environment. Cold production to save energy and safe ingredients with little environmental impact are milestones in the development of the brand.

In conclusion, APoEM blends study and refinement of materials to offer an authentic and safe product with the imagination and memories. The work is based on olfactory memory and how to transfer the well-being of the mind and body. In the end, the key is to dream.

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