Beyon Skyn; walking 100% vegan

As my mother used to say: “promises are debts of honour“. So here I am to share with you a brand that I have discovered and loved.

Its name is “Beyon Skyn”, a Spanish company. Their satin products are made of polyester as they claim that “… viscose has a much greater impact on the environment as it is processed with large amounts of acidic chemicals. Unfortunately, because most of the viscose comes from low-income countries, much of the production waste is dumped into rivers, often severely damaging entire ecosystems.” Another choice among materials, the satin which doesn’t contain silk. What is strinking about this brand is that it doesn’t only sell 100% cruelty-free products, but even its designs are cutting-edge, inspired by other more famous brands, but unfortunately more expensive and cruel.

For now, it only sells shoes. Who knows if we can have other options later on, we are very hopeful. It is essential to say that its products are handcrafted. So, its prices are not particularly cheap. This company ranks as luxury, accessible because of its quality, which is due to the attention of craftmanship and the medium-high price. Well, girls, I hope this information is useful. I will continue to look for eco-friendly brands about fashion. See you soon!

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