victory for the animals

California AB44; victory for the animals

Another victory for the animals. Last weekend in the state of California the “AB44” law was approved by its governor Gabin Newson, making it the first state in the nation of the United States to ban the manufacture and sale of new leather products. Law will go into effect from 2023.

They are exempt from this law; leather, cowhide, sheepskin, products used for religious purposes, those used for taxidermy, skins and tolls obtained with legalized hunting.

This new law is accompanied by new legislation for animals’ protection, which includes a ban on most circus performances. It also regulates the purchase and sale of horses for human consumption, dealing and importing dead animals, among others.

“California is a leader in animal welfare and today that leadership leads us to include a ban on the sale of fur,” Newson said in an official statement. “But we are doing a lot more. We are declaring to the world that beautiful wild animals, such as bears and tigers, have no place on the trapeze wires or jump into the flames.”

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