Fortunale; Winds of change for fashion.

In the world of sailors there is a perturbation of exceptional intensity, characterized by extremely high winds that can cause serious damage and devastation. It is known as ‘fortunale’; its name derives from the luck of fate trusted by sailors that were forced to navigate in such adverse weather conditions.

Hence the name of the project that I want to talk to you on this occasion. Fortunale interprets this concept as the ability to change the state of things, thus embarking on his journey into the mutation of fashion.


The project begins with a 100% organic wool sweater obtained from Italian farms; where the sheep graze free in a pesticide-free field. For the coloring of their garments they use natural ingredients such as: leaves, berries and roots with a process of ancient recipes; Being a chemical-free process, it is certified by the Woolmark Approved Natural Coloration Technology.

On the back of this garment you will also find an embroidered number representing the tree to which that shirt gave life; since for each cape Fortunale implicates to plant a tree.

Fortunale, trees

His commitment extends to the consumer, to make this garment truly green and promote the circular economy, the company will receive your used shirt to be recycled and in return will give you a 30% discount on your new purchase.

It is worth mentioning that this is a project that is taking off, so the variety of models is still limited; but if its philosophy has impressed you and you are looking for a basic shirt that meets your sustainability expectations, do not hesitate to support this project. Fortunale jersey

Plauto, native lane project. Fortunale

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