My Boutonnière; Scent of solidarity

Accessories are an essential complement in our wardrobe, they give us that special touch which highlights our personal style. On this occasion I want to talk to you about a project that I met a little over a year ago at Pitti Uomo. His name is My Boutonnière, namesake to its product; for those not related to the fashion glossary, boutonnière (French term) is a floral decoration, usually worn by men in the lapel. Synonymous with elegance and distinction since forever, in the past its use was more frequent and today this accessory is reserved for special occasions.

The importance of recycling

Antoinette Petruccelli, creator of this project, wanted to resume the use of the boutonnière as an accessory for the whole day, transforming this beautiful flower into a textile jewel. It can be used on different occasions or times of the day and its use is not restricted just to men. But her commitment is not only with saving tradition, she maintains an ethical and sustainable approach to its production. The flowers are hand-sewn by Florentine artisans, they use prestigious materials; within which about 90% of the fabrics are of what remains from other productions. Even working on demand with the recycling of precious garments for their customers usually linked to emotional memories.

A projects with scent of solidarity

On this occasion, My Boutonniere confirmed its commitment to sustainability in the 97th edition of Pitti Uomo . Joining forces with other four Italian companies to show the importance of optimizing materials for production. But its commitment to sustainability does not stop with the use of its materials, it works in favor of minorities, including animals. It is currently conducting its solidarity campaign with animals; as it will donate the total proceeds of online sales through the end of February to Australian Animal Rescue Inc.


A project with an aroma of solidarity, because sustainability embraces different themes. Being sustainable means taking care of all the resources and inhabitants of our planet, including of course, animals.

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