MU30 “Third paradise for the sustainability of fashion”

At its 30th edition, Milano Unica has demonstrated its commitment to including sustainability as a common element in the products offered by its exhibitors.

This is how for the first time the area of trends and sustainability was integrated to promote a fundamental connection between attention to the environment and creative content, in this area art is the protagonist with a photographic exhibition in which ten years of the Cittadellarte Fashion BEST platform (Better Ethical Sustainable Think – thank) dedicated to sustainability in the fashion industry. As central axis the Third Paradise of the creation of Michelangelo Pistoletto.

An integral part were the seminars dedicated to sustainability in which the monitoring and improvement that were made to the production processes as part of the change were exposed, showing the orientation of companies towards a gradual reduction of environmental pollution. One of these workshops “The identity of linen, ever greener and more innovative”, organized by the SMI linen section in collaboration with CELC and “A journey towards sustainability of the supply chain”, seminar on the environmental footprint of the PEF.

001_allestimento_maestro_pistoletto_mu30_high_ph_erdna (2)

It is interesting to see how the problem of sustainability ceases to be a tendency to gradually but strongly become an essential part of the production process and although it is true that to promote a circular economy it is important that these processes include the entire life of the product as well as the raw material I think we are on the right track. It is pleasant to point out that there has been a noticeable improvement in the preparation of exhibitors regarding information on their sustainable products relates to either the elements, processes or certifications they hold.

001_allestimento_maestro_pistoletto_mu30_high_ph_erdna (1)

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