Annalisa Baldini & T-shirt for life interview

As in a science fiction chapter, Covid_19 has brought humanity to its knees, and as in any crisis, the worst and the best of us show up, I want to share the best with you, because I think the only way to succeed to fight this disease through both optimism and hard work.

Today I want to introduce you Annalisa Baldini and her T-SHIRT FOR LIFE project through an interview with us, I would like to add that the net proceeds, until the end of April, will be donated to help fight this pandemic.

Hi Annalisa, firstable,thank you for taking the time to answer this interview.

  1. Tell us something about yourself, your career

Let’s say that my career started when I was 6 years old and I drew my stories staying up late in the night… More seriously over the years, despite my language training, I have always studied design applied to fashion but what has opened new horizons for me is was learning and becoming passionate about the history of fabric and touching its magic applied to the world of fashion. Since 2011 I have founded two brands and I still work as a consultant for fashion and textile companies.

  1. How are you facing this quarantine and how has this pandemic affected your life?

I am a very active person, I don’t like to bask on the sofa and I have to have my mind always busy. I could not think of passively undergoing this forced condition and I understood that I could put my passion to good use. I am drawing portraits on commission which I will then print on t-shirts and the proceeds will be donated to the hospitals of Piacenza and Brescia. In my small way I wanted to lighten the lives of others too, without drama, without melancholy. I find that this quarantine has connotations if we also turn to romantics which, in some respects I wanted to translate into art, with a profoundly social purpose.

Illustrations by Annalisa Baldini. T Shirt for a life project
  1. How the Tshirt for life was born?

As with all the historical moments that have gone through our age, I think it is right not to forget. It depends on us how we experience them. They can become the starting point for profound inner change. T-shirt for life wants to be an object that will remain in the drawer of our memories and that will become a source of pride when everything is over. It will remind us how strong we have been.

  1. What does the project consist of?

On commission I draw illustrated portraits and I already have agreements with a company that, as soon as this stasis is released, will print my drawings on t-shirts. The t-shirts will then be sent home after being prepared by me one by one with label and tag. A small assembly line that is uniting me a lot with my followers.

  1. How long will the T Shirt for life campaign last?

Preparing the illustrations takes at least 60 minutes and I keep getting requests, I have to work 8-10 hours a day to keep up with requests. The campaign will last at least until the end of April, after which I intend to continue, always donating part of the proceeds to charity. I believe it will be my mantra for the future.

Illustrations by Annalisa Baldini. T Shirt for a life project
  1. What has been the response from your target/ clients regarding this project?

I did not think that this initiative had such a following. After all, people have perhaps understood what the important values are; family and loved ones. They are foundations that will never give way and it is for this reason that I feel that my path is precisely this … precisely because I am the first to believe that love always wins over everything and is the reason for everyone’s life, especially in these moments where strength, a sense of duty and absolute discipline are required. Giving a smile and a little lightness is therefore my mission today.

  1. As for the value of the item, does it have a fixed price or is it a voluntary contribution?

I had to calculate the production costs, the shipping costs and the “quantum” to be donated and I decided on a price that was accessible to everyone. € 35. It will remain so until the end of April. Then I will evaluate

  1. How can those interested in contributing by acquiring one of your projects contact you?

I only work on Instagram and my contact is @anny.baldini

  1. The funds raised to which entity will benefit?

The funds raised will go to Piacenza Hospital and Brescia Hospital.

The first one is my city, the second one is the city of some of my closest friends and which, in any case, is also one of the most battered by this pandemic.

If I managed to raise a substantial amount, we thought about buying a respirator for each institution. Otherwise, however, I am in contact with “Italia no Profit” to donate to these structures.

Illustrations by Annalisa Baldini. T Shirt for a life project

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