Beauty pushes towards natural ingredients

Beauty pushes for natural ingredients; here are these substances.

The secret to glowing hair and healthy skin? The natural ingredients contained in the products of your beauty routine. These, in fact, have become the new business trend; influencers, consumers, and experts are saying so. Together they all agree that beauty pushes towards natural ingredients.

Be careful to distinguish; beauty pushes for natural ingredients. What does it consist of?

There are two characteristics that distinguish green cosmetics; the absence of petroleum derivatives and natural ingredients.

The beauty industry is increasingly trying to promote the latter, but attention must also be paid to their origins. In fact, the processing policies of these substances have a profound effect on the ethical value of the product.

We now come to what nature has to offer that can be used to stay true to our green identity. We have emollients, colorants, moisturizers, and even surfactants (derived from the saponification of palm, coconut, olive, and other vegetable oils).

This business involves more and more products created with the use of vegetable oils and fats, essential oils, plant extracts, waxes, detergents, surfactants, and natural dyes.

Natural ingredients and what to look for

The derivation of vegetable oil is from seeds, plants, or more rarely, some fruits. In nature we find several of them; the most common are coconut, hemp, avocado, canola, sunflower and palm oil.

Pay special attention because not everything that is natural is green in the sense of sustainability; think of palm oil. Banned a long time ago under the guise of being the proponent of health problems it is also responsible for the deforestation of Southeast Asia.

Distillation is instead the technique with which essential oils are created; their peculiarity is to maintain the typical fragrance of the plant of origin. We must also keep our eyes open for this category because 65% of their production comes from developing countries. There, the exploitation of workers is the rule.

The macro-categories; plant extracts, waxes and surfactants

Plant extracts include mugwort, aloe, black tea, calendula, Anthyllis, buckwheat, rosehip, hawthorn, lemon, myrrh, and brown sugar extracts in the family.

On the other hand, the most famous waxes include carnauba, mimosa, jojoba, candelilla, and beeswax. These are suitable for delicate skin and follow the same principle as natural cleansing substances such as clays.

Natural surfactants, on the other hand, are substances that give off foam when put in contact with water, such as soapwort and ivy.

Finally, natural dyes are great because they are derived from organic sources such as mushrooms and lichens. However, you have to consider that they require a lot of space to grow, so sustainability can be put at risk.

Beauty pushes towards natural ingredients; the benefits of green substances

Green tea extract is one of the healthiest on the Planet thanks to Vitamins B2 and E. Through these active ingredients, it helps to keep the level of collagen in the skin stable.

Another crucial element is jojoba oil, very useful for thickening and making hair stronger. It also has the benefit of acting against split ends and dandruff and is usually found in hair masks. However, there are many surprises since it is also perfect for moisturizing the skin and making it bright.

Perhaps one of the most beloved ingredients is avocado; good and rich in vitamins and minerals such as Omega 3, Vitamin D, E, A, ideal for hydration. It also has soothing properties while fighting acne tendency.

There is a second acne remedy; thorny oil, with minerals and vitamins that help regenerate cells and keep the skin elastic.

Aloe Vera and Kaolin; beauty pushes towards natural ingredients

There is also an ancient element used for more than a thousand years as a friend for the beauty routine; aloe vera extract. Perfect against scars and ultimate against acne contaminated skin it is a powerful anti-inflammatory. The last detail of this phenomenal ingredient; is a portent against aging while helping the skin stay toned.

Kaolin, on the other hand, unlike many clays, removes excess oil from the skin, aiding in the purification process; the perfect detoxifier. Lastly, water lily extract increases hair volume and shine.

There are so many different, powerful and all-natural substances that can be used to support a greener beauty industry. Many brands, such as Dr Hauschka, are already working to make the industry sustainable. Beware, however, of several elements that can be misleading; being sustainable means analyzing all factors of a product with care.

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