TreeCard: Ecosia’s sustainable debit card

The Ecosia search engine, which deals with environmental reforestation through click-generated profits, has recently launched its first debit card on the market: TreeCard.
TreeCard is green in its own name. Indeed, the card is created with sustainable cherry wood, certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Therefore, it’s getting ready to be a 100% environmentally friendly initiative.
Founded by 4 Londoners in 2020, TreeCard, the sustainable debit card, is the first payment method that aims to reforest the world.
Indeed, the project is based on the use of a wooden debit card and aims to use the proceeds from each transaction to plant new trees wherever needed.
TreeCard is planning to launch a product for consumers in the US and EU in early 2021. On the official website you can book your own card and be placed on a waiting list.


The practical function of this card

But, economically speaking, what can you do with TreeCard?

TreeCard, the sustainable debit card, is equivalent to any debit card, which can be used in physical establishments, with the advantage of helping the environment with its use.
It can be used at any merchant that allows Mastercard payments.
The debit card is completely free and is at zero commissions for end users.
Indeed, it will derive its profits from a standard rate that merchants will have to pay in order to accept payments with this card.
According to the dedicated website, 80% of the profits of the commissions collected are destined for the planting of thousands of trees every month by Ecosia.

TreeCard is also smart and tech. First of all, a dedicated app is expected to be developed, and it would work as online current account, where the user can check the transactions in their account and their expenses, and then connect their card with ApplePay, SamsungPay and GooglePay.

TreeCard app

TreeCard’s goals

TreeCard’s purposes are many.
They are convenient both for the economy but above all for the environment.
On the one hand, the TreeCard project is committed to providing a new type of finance. On the other, it commits companies and individuals to contribute to global reforestation.

A daily action, such as paying by debit card, will bring an additional new awareness into TreeCard users’ lives.
They will commit themselves to respecting the environment and making a contribution.

Reforestation implemented by Ecosia

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