Sororité Vintage

Valentina Raschielli

Sororitè is a French brand created by a group of sisters, which celebrates the love for vintage and clothing rework. The garments are the result of meticulous aesthetic research within the world vintage scene and are created one by one, respecting the environment and love for nature.

Sustainability is the soul of Sororitè: the garments are treated by eliminating any type of chemical agent that can harm the ecosystem. The jewels – such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings – are authentic accessories, which come from the designers’ exclusive archives and which are assembled using high quality materials, reducing waste and environmental pollution.

Sororitè’s philosophy is based on love for family and nature: by purchasing vintage garments, the use of coal and all the agents that come into play in the fast fashion production chain are reduced. Furthermore, by collecting garments and accessories from all over the world, Sororitè has created a powerful network, which unites all those who carry a green message and an eco-sustainable lifestyle.

The eco-friendly commitment is also in the packaging: Sororitè produces boxes using reusable materials, eliminating the use of plastic and choosing recycled paper and cardboard from industrial waste. The organic cotton tote bags are completely biodegradable, created with a unique design, suitable for containing the precious one-of-a-kind creations. Cotton is the most widely used natural fiber in textile production, but it also has a harmful impact in terms of water pollution.

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