TOM FORD becomes cruelty-free

Fashion free of cruelty, a path to freedom

Another victory. Yes, guys, reconciling fashion with respect for animal life is becoming more and more evident. The Tom Ford brand has recently become cruelty-free, finally completing cruelty-free fabrics with its collection. That’s a goodbye to leather and fur. This may seem like a marketing strategy, but as the environmental trend is getting stronger and stronger, let’s hope this is not the case. However, the result is brilliant, showing that “eco” is not the enemy of beauty. On the contrary, respect for life and nature gives each item a more artistic touch.

What I really appreciated about this collection is the quality of the fabrics. They make you feel a wild boldness by mixing with many bright colors while maintaining its usual short, accurate, and feminine shapes, managing to give us a mix of attractive and modern elegance, inspired by ’80s.

So, girls who love fashion and luxury, here’s one of the best options to spruce up your wardrobe.

I’ll leave you by quoting one of the best exponents of contemporary eco-fashion.

“A crocodile purse is old-fashioned, outdated. It’s weird how people always think about animal skin when looking for an image to identify luxury with. Crocodile, python, mink. But what’s luxurious about an animal being killed? That’s why I say it’s old-fashioned” Stella McCarney

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