Earth Speakr, are you ready to listen to the future?

A very frequent phrase is; “If this place could talk, how many things it would say.”
What if we really had the chance to hear what our planet has to tell us?
Well now we have a very close chance to do it thanks to the Danish-Irish artist, Olafur Eliasson who created a digital artwork in collaboration with creative partners, a group of researchers and experts and, of course, children. This project is founded by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and carried out in collaboration with Goethe-Institud.

It’s called Earth Speakr, it’s an application that invites children to speak for the planet and adults to listen to what they have to say. It is available in 25 languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and Turkish, and is aimed at children between the ages from 7 to 17. But if you are past this age you also have the opportunity to actively get involved, such as:

  • Explore Earth Speakr messages, create message groups, called Loud Speakers, and share them with others to expand the topics you find most relevant.
  • If you are an institution or part of a network, you can organize an event and encourage children to participate. The toolkits are available on the website.
  • If you work in politics, you can get involved by listening to what future voters have to say.

Are you ready to listen to the future?

If you want to see some of their upcoming events, you can check them out here.

Earth Speakr – Olafur Eliasson

This post is also available in: Italian Spanish

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