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Entrepreneurship is an option that a significant percentage of the world’s citizens are opting for, to some extent, due to the economic hardships this serious health emergency is leaving behind.

In an interview with Guilia Bernasconi we got to know a type of entrepreneurship that can certainly be a great ally for lovers of the green world, who are looking for a new business model.
Giulia works for the hotel industry. You have your own “Start up” consulting company for the restaurant and hotel sector. Her undergraduate studies consist of hotel hospitality and she also has a master’s degree in luxury brand management, design and fashion. She decided to explore the world of beauty and nutrition with her new project Naturally Green by Giulia, according to what she tells us, her biggest motivation was to do something she likes and believes in, since the products she sells are natural.

1. Giulia told me that you work for a green cosmetics and superfood company. Can you explain more to me?

Yes, of course Karyna, then and recently I started collaborating with a company that produces totally sustainable, vegan & ethical cosmetics, superfoods and sports products.

This company is called Ringana and is the first company in Europe that produces completely fresh and ethical products.

The company is a family business, founded by Mr. XXX in XXX in Austria. From the very beginning, Mr. XX decided to have a totally ethical and 100% fresh product created. In the past, his family had wellness resorts in Austria which even then used only natural products. He started making his products in his kitchen in Austria, mixing different plants using his own blender. The first difficulty he encountered was the problem that the product was so fresh that it had a very short expiration date, approx. 6 months and for this reason it cannot sell in large production.

2. So how does the sale work?

Well, just as I said, given the short expiration date, the products of this company cannot be sold to large retailers, and that is why Mr. xx has decided to rely on the Network Marketing method for sales. Network marketing is a sales method where partners (the people who sell) work from home, or wherever they want on their own. In the past, Network Marketing has had some disagreements, which is why Mr. xxx has decided to create a new method of Ethical Network Marketing, where employees are recognized 100% risk-free and without expense. But simply recognized for their hard work.

In fact, another thing I like a lot about this company is that not only are their products totally ethical and of the highest quality, but the company is 100% committed to being sustainable throughout the production line.

3. Can you give me some examples?

Yes, of course, for example, we can start from the factory located in xxx in Austria, which was built trying to respect the environment as much as possible, such as using the 950 m² of photovoltaic panels to use solar energy. As part of the extension works, cisterns were built for the recovery of rainwater with a capacity of 12,000 liters. In this way, approximately 1,000,000 liters of fresh water can be saved annually in the future. Electric vehicles. COLONIES OF BEES AND INSECT HOUSES.

But my favorite thing is the packaging from this company. The packages sent to customers are made of fully recyclable cardboard, the adhesive to close them is made of cauciu, all flyers and brochures are printed on recyclable paper and printed with vegetable ink and finally the material inside the packaging is done so as not to break the products. of Corn, which once received at home can be composted or dissolved in water and used as fertilizer for plants. Look here (I’ll show itthe box!)

Shortly, I do not want to dwell on it, but I am truly in love with this company and I am proud to work for them.

4. Tell me about the products, are the ingredients clearly indicated?

Yes, of course, all product information can be found on the website under each product. Or in the product manual.

They are also all vegan, not tested on animals and all come from organic farming.

5. How can these products be purchased?

Well, obviously through me (ehehe😊) you can write me an email naturallygreenbygiulia@gmail.com . Don’t forget to follow me on social media under the name of Naturally Green by Giulia.

I will be happy to recommend the best products for your needs and tastes.

And don’t forget, if you like this project too, I’m always looking for new people to add to my sales team.

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