A new alternative for keeping your food

Belen Espino
The world is changing and with it, the activities and attitudes of those who live there.

If there is one positive thing that we can save from the coronavirus, it is certainly the approach of the human being with nature; the desire to engage more deeply in its conservation. That is why we will expand and cover topics not related to fashion but relevant to sustainability.

Saramanaca; A new alternative for keeping your food
Alternative to plastic

Currently, the importance of reducing plastic consumption is well known; due to the negative environmental impact it produces as it is a non-degradable product over a long period of time. For this reason, new and innovative alternatives are presented on the market in order to replace this material and offer more environmentally friendly alternatives.

To launch this new segment, I want to introduce you to Saramanaca, of Ecuadorian origins and located in the city of Quito – Ecuador. This studio is dedicated to the production of ecological casings; bee’s wraps is the name by which they are best known; the main functionality is to protect the product organically and solve the problem of plastic waste, since these wrappers are reusable.

Saramanaca; A new alternative for keeping your food

Of course, several questions come to your mind right now and I know because it was the same for me. But don’t worry Maria Sara Gabela, founder of the brand, in an interview brings out some doubts, including the material to make this product.


It is basically made of cotton fabric which is what provides the reusable factor and the beeswax which gives it its waterproof, sticky and antibacterial properties.

Unfortunately, the decomposition time is not known for certain, but we do know that the duration is 6 months to 1 year; It is important to point out that this product can be waxed again, which extends its useful life and once it is no longer suitable for use it ends up being an organic textile material, so it is still reusable for any other activity. Undoubtedly, its degradation time is lower than that of plastic. The only drawback, it is not suitable for hot food; as the wax will heat up and will ruin the product immediately, however don’t panic, if this happens you can still apply the wax again.

Then guys, I invite you to get to know this beautiful product, but above all I invite you to be part of the change, each of our little actions helps to take care and preserve our fragile ecosystem.

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