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Gentle efficacy: One Love Organics

Sara Bargiacchi

Green effective formulas of pure magic

In the world of clean beauty, One Love Organics is one of the most beloved brands, especially for the wonderful effect of gentle efficacy of products. A brand that makes the skin hungry for balms, serums, and scrubs with tropical scents.

One Love for a gentle efficacy of products

An all-natural, artisanal skincare company born out of the attention of Suzanne LeRoux. Why is it different? Because of its ability to transform skin. Its prosperity is given precisely by the basic thought that when it comes to skin, less is more especially when it concerns good products. The brand’s origins take us back to studies in holistic wellness, cosmetic chemistry, and aromatherapy. In all aspects of One Love Organics, there is a deep dedication to sustainability. Not only for the 100% natural ingredients but also for the system through which they are recovered. Production takes place in small batches in the ECOCERT production facility, which is totally on the cutting edge and green. Thanks to this efficient and unique system, the brand has been able to differentiate itself from all others.

An in-depth look at the gentle efficacy of the products

Wide product lines, all plant-based, are perhaps the most important confirmation of how serious and important the project is. All products are made with selected ingredients, organic, and of the highest quality. The secret is to be able to exploit the immense power of plants to refresh, rejuvenate and protect the skin. The identified purposes are specific and there are never any cheap substitutes or additives in the products. There are also no fillers or fluff.

These hallmarks have allowed the product to win several awards over time, such as the Skin Dew product, winner of the 2017 Eco Beauty Award. Distinguishing features of the product? Coconut water for skin nourishment and cupuacu butter to fight environmental free radicals. In addition, there is a complex of acacia, jojoba, and sunflower as a barrier to stressful environments.

What people say about One Love Organics

In the eyes of many consumers, the brand is brilliant for its ability to produce extremely gentle products with excellent plant-based basics. The vast majority of opinions point out that there was a remarkable change after using the products. The only note that some individuals found unappealing was the essential oils’ fragrances, which were sometimes too persistent. However, it’s fair to point out that this is not a common concern with natural-based brands, but One Love Organics also takes advantage of aromatherapy. Hence the concern is justified.

Another appreciated element is the realization in a high-tech laboratory and the innovative science behind it. The small-batch strategy is very effective because it protects the freshness of the products and ingredients. The fact that the plant and the ECOCERT license are subject to many controls also makes consumers feel safer; this increases their satisfaction.

The secret of gentle efficacy of products

According to the founder, a happy woman is a beautiful woman. This is the real secret. You need to take time every day and enjoy your beauty routine by focusing on elements that help you feel good.

It all started with a desire for smooth, radiant skin. From there, great natural and organic products were born.

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