cosmetics for the environment

Elate Cosmetics: cosmetics for the environment

It’s 2014, sustainability is on everyone’s lips, people are trying to raise awareness on the subject. Meanwhile, in the cold Canada, after working for several years in the world of cosmetics, Melodie Reynolds wonders what cosmetics can do for the environment. So she decides to enter the world of entrepreneurship by founding Elate Cosmetics, a company that deals with make-up and skincare while respecting the environment, animals and people.

Elate offers different types of make-up products for the face such as foundation, eye shadow, and blush but also lip products such as lipstick and balm at affordable prices.

Elate Cosmetics: when cosmetics are good for the skin and the environment

The passion and commitment of the founder and her 22 employees allowed her to reach the $1 million revenue milestone in 2018.

But how comes this brand to be so successful? What does cosmetics for the environment consist of? Let’s see it in detail.


Surely sustainability is one of the pillars of the company and it can be seen starting from the packaging composed of 75% recyclable materials. However, the goal is to reach 100% and eliminate plastic.

Some of the ingredients used to make the packaging are aluminum, glass, and bamboo. The brand also offers a refill service: refills for the products that allow the packaging to be recovered.

But this is just one of the many ways Elate is committed to a more sustainable world.

Elate Cosmetics: when cosmetics are good for the skin and the environment

Respect for animals is also fundamental to Elate Cosmetics, which is why all products are cruelty-free, meaning they do not exploit animals for testing.


Elate only uses “clean ingredients” indicating the limitation in the use of polluting synthetic materials by preferring more controlled and responsible natural products.

The goal is always to select ingredients that are both nourishing to the skin and beneficial to animals, people, and the environment.

Another feature of the brand is inclusiveness: these products respect the gluten-free label so that they can also be used by those suffering from celiac disease.

Elate Cosmetics: when cosmetics are good for the skin and the environment


The company boasts several certifications and socially conscious initiatives. These include membership in the Green Business Association, which helps manufacturers understand, implement and certify green practices.

Elate is also a B corporation, a title that certifies that the company prioritizes concern for people and the planet over profits. In addition, the Leaping Bunny Association certifies that no animal testing is done. To do this Elate relies on Beauty Without Bunnies, which shows companies different options for testing that do not involve animals in any way.

Elate, through its Think Dirty app, performs a review of all ingredients in order to provide transparency and offer additional assurance to customers by educating them on toxins potentially present in household products. In a similar vein, the Canadian association “Just Beautiful Pledge” offers lists of environmentally friendly cosmetics products so that consumers make informed decisions when purchasing.

Another beautiful initiative by Elate is the “Perfectly Imperfect” program, whereby products with cosmetic flaws such as chips, scratches, or missing pieces that do not pass quality testing on aesthetic standards are sold at discounted prices. Elate seeks to help as many people as possible create their own personalized beauty ritual that allows them to live small, happy moments every day. With quality, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally conscious products available for purchase online worldwide.

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