Five Ugly Documentaries of the Beauty Industry

Matteo Risso

Every industry has a dark side, some uglier than others. Behind the glossy finishes and high-tech formulations of some beauty companies, is a whole “ugly” side revealed. There are some documentaries of the beauty industry that can help us understand it better.

Behind the scene

Today’s generation stands behind issues of environmental damage, unethical practices, and unsafe ingredients.  Trends continue to focus on increasing awareness of including ‘CLEAN’ ingredients in our cosmetics and beauty product; benefiting both the beauty companies and the consumer. 

Documentaries of the Beauty
Documentaries of the Beauty Industry

The FIVE Documentaries of the Beauty Industry

Exploring the impact of beauty across the world has led influencers, makeup artists, and other professionals to document and reveal a dark side that many consumers are unfamiliar with.  Below is an alarming list of documentaries that expose this ‘glamorous’ industry to a reality that is not so picture-perfect.

  1. Beauty Laid Bare. If you think you’re doing a ‘good thing’ for the planet by throwing your empty mascara tubes or skincare bottles into a recycling bin, you might want to think again.  The Gen Zs behind this documentary exposes what actually does happen and if this is true.
  2. Toxic Beauty. Gives insight into a three-year investigation of the unregulated use of chemicals in personal-care products that many people find shocking. Rose-Marie Swift, Founder and Chief Creative officer of RMS Beauty, was interviewed and shares why she chose to play a role in the film, “I never take anything at face value mostly when billions of dollars are at stake. I love to challenge the status quo, and I am an endless researcher.  There is scrutiny out there on many cosmetic ingredients and I love anyone that is brave enough to go against the grain and think outside the norm.  I am there.”
  3. Unmasked: Makeup’s Big Secret. You’ll learn what our beauty products are doing to the planet; especially palm oil and why it should be banned.
  4. Mirror Mirror. A film by Todd Sampson who looks at how the cosmetic industry, advertising and social media have shaped Australians’ views about their body appearance.
  5. The Story of Cosmetics. A film that examines the over use of toxic chemicals in our everyday personal care products, from lipsticks to shampoos, and reveals the way we as consumers can help steer the industry away from these hazardous chemicals and safer alternatives.

These documentaries are worth a look and trust me when I say you’ll be rethinking your next purchase when browsing the beauty aisles. In today’s industry, it is so hard to know who plays fairly and who is authentic.

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