How to praise evolved sutainability with MUNDANE

Belen Espino

It was 2019 when the Italian singer Luca di Fabio founded MUNDANE brand. A place designed to give a voice to all designers whose style does not conform to current standards, the brand creates a platform for artists out of the ordinary. Thus was born in 2021 the “Raw & Unfiltered” collection, created to celebrate advanced sustainability, between upcycling and deluxe customizations.

The brand’s message is the encouragement of personal expression through unique clothing, without settling for mass products. For this reason, the collections are created by unique designers from around the world, to inspire you to live a life out of the ordinary.

MUNDANE Raw & Unfiltered
”Raw & Unfiltered”

This collection was born as a multi-handed work, collaboration with the designer Jacopo Peca. Designer expert in upcycling and reconstruction of garments, the collection that he creates looks to the last decades of the last century but made to live in 2020. Mundane does not want to stop at vintage or second-hand clothes, but wants to reuse clothes to create new, timeless and unique looks.

Avoiding commercial and typical fast fashion looks, designers prefer to praise evolved sustainability and focus on unique styles that can accompany the customer throughout his life, in the creation of his personal style that expresses all his personality.

The whole collection is created on the basis of the fabric available and to avoid waste, excess fabric is used for patchwork or applications. Thanks to this disassembly and reuse work, with hand-sewn garments each creation is unique and part of a limited edition, no two identical pieces are ever produced.


Starting from the classic Levi’s 501 jeans model, through a second bleaching phase that allows the creation of the military green color, the Tossico model is born. Each pair follows its own grinding process, choice of patchwork and embroidery.


G-star Patchwork, these jeans are born as a hymn to craftsmanship 3.0. Rare five-pocket slim-fit G-Star model, they are embellished with a unique patchwork, made with patches from Levi’s jeans and thick denim fabrics. It is also characterized by a coated fabric that creates a glossy effect that will disperse in the various washes.

MUNDANE G-star Patchwork

The Mille Righe model, on the other hand, comes from new, original and rare Lee denim from the Eighties and Nineties. Featuring a pointed back pocket they were called “toe pocket”. The unique feature of these jeans remains the vertical sewing process, made with a vertical sewing machine.

MUNDANE Mille righe

Thus Mundane begins its path to become a new circle of high-level artisans and artists who want to praise evolved sustainability. Created to unite and discover new designers, brands and magazines become a meeting place for young designers, out of the ordinary, unique and hype.

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