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Miomojo is a Vegan Benefit Company, based in Bergamo, which produces cruelty-free, recycled and sustainable accessories.

“Miomojo was born in Bergamo in 2012 when, after working for several years in international business, I felt I had to give a higher meaning to my work and” fulfill my mission “- tells Claudia Pievani, CEO and founder of the brand – I wanted create something that was in line with my ethical, aesthetic and respect for the planet and every living being ».

Claudia Pievani

Pievani soon realizes that many products in the luxury sector are made at the expense of the planet and its ecosystem and that the few alternatives lack quality and aesthetic taste. «So, I started my personal odyssey to provide cruelty-free alternatives, made with respect and Italian style. My goal was not only to offer a vegan alternative, I also wanted to create a product made from organic and recycled materials in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment and not consume additional virgin resources “.

Since its foundation, Miomojo has always been a sustainable brand, focused on offering an alternative to products made of animal materials. To date, most of the Miomojo collections are made from recycled materials and by 2022 all products will be made exclusively with recycled materials.

What does Miomojo mean? «The word” mojo “in English indicates that particular psychophysical energetic state, thanks to which one feels capable of being able to achieve anything. We wanted this feeling to animate and inspire our work, we wanted to be able to say “today I have my mojo” every day. Almost by chance, then, we discovered that in a South African dialect “mojo” means “good luck charm”. Finally, we also wanted to approach this word with something that would refer to our Italian origins, hence “my”, a possessive adjective in Italian », says Claudia Pievani.

Miomojo: collections and materials

Miomojo collections are made of sustainable materials. “Linea Elegante” line is made of garnet imitation leather made from recycled glass. The bags and accessories of “Soft Line”, on the other hand, are made of recycled polyester from plastic bottles. “Linea Soffice” bags are in PU.

The “Amorevole” backpack, designed for mothers, is made of recycled polyester from plastic bottles, as well as bags and shoulder bags from the “Linea Irresistibile”. “Linea Energica”, as the name suggests, is made of an organic cotton fabric, coffee carbon and viscose. “Linea Moderna” is made up of 40% recycled nylon from fishing nets, plastic waste and industrial textile waste. The lining is made from recycled fabric from plastic bottles.

Then there is “Limited Edition Miomojo for Animals Asia”, whose 20% of the proceeds are donated to Animals Asia. This collection is made from recycled polyester, with R-PET lining, recycled from plastic bottles. The “Ethicool” and “La Divina” lines are in PU. The “Naturale” collection is in straw, with a polyester lining recycled from plastic bottles. Finally, the “Urban” line is made from recycled polyester from plastic bottles; the “Globetrotter” line is 35% in recycled Nylon, 65% in Nylon.

The brand recently launched “Prima Linea”, a premium made in Italy collection made of Cactus Leather and AppleSkin. These are organic materials from cacti and apples, respectively, which are excellent alternatives to leather. Claudia Pievani explains: «Cactus Leather is a plant material deriving from Mexican cactus, whose plantations do not need water, other than the natural one of precipitation; during the harvest, only the most mature leaves are taken, not compromising the growth of the plant; the leaves are subsequently dried naturally in the sun. The result is an organic material, cruelty-free, partially biodegradable, free of toxic chemicals, resistant and very soft to the touch ». To produce a Cactus Leather bag, 90% water and 64% CO2 emissions are saved, compared to an animal leather bag.

Bag in Cactus Leather

The one in AppleSkin is an upcycled collection, made from the food scraps of apples from Trentino-Alto Adige. «The waste from this production takes on new life rather than being destroyed. A collection designed and produced in Italy, which allows to support the local economy by reducing the supply chain and consequently the environmental impact “. To produce an AppleSkin bag, 73% water and 63% CO2 emissions are saved, compared to an animal skin bag.

The Corn Leather novelty

The most recent collection is instead made of Corn Leather, a certified bio-based material, totally Italian and with a reduced environmental impact. Corn Leather is made from corn crops. “Corn Leather is the latest addition to the Prima Linea collection and is the eco-sustainable embodiment of the combination of technical performance and aesthetic appearance. From this material we have created two different models of bags, with a retro and at the same time modern taste, where past and future meet. With an essential design, in a versatile caramel color and enriched with light gold details, this line is designed to characterize every type of look, in every season ».

The materials used by Miomojo are analyzed by a third part, BCOME Evaluation System, which evaluates the degree of environmental, social and ethical efficiency of the company. The analysis is carried out on the basis of sustainable initiatives implemented throughout the supply chain and the environmental impact of the materials.

“Inspiration can be found everywhere – says Claudia Pievani about her collections – you just need the eyes and the sensitivity to grasp it: nature, architecture, interior design, a place, music, a film. I have always preferred clear and clean lines, very essential, similar to the taste of Northern Europe; I am inspired by large natural spaces and cold and elegant colors ».

Bags in Corn Leather

Sustainability and humanitarian projects

Miomojo does not use materials from animals, out of respect for them and not to contribute to the pollution caused by intensive farming. “Just with this we can define ourselves sustainable, because we avoid causing further deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity loss, use of toxic chemical agents, water pollution and so on – says Claudia Pievani – In addition, the materials chosen are not only vegan but also recycled and organic, such as Cactus Leather, AppleSkin and Corn Leather; these do not burden the limited resources of the planet but, on the contrary, are created starting from the reuse of waste, which is given new life ».

The recycled collections also embody this concept. Plastic, glass, fishing nets, coffee and organic fibers recycled from bamboo and mint are just some of the materials used.

Sustainability at Miomojo is not limited to the product. The packaging is made of recycled paper or a biodegradable material based on corn starch. DHL Go Green is used for shipments, thus offsetting emissions through donations in favor of environmental protection projects.

Fuerthermore, Miomojo supports numerous humanitarian projects, donating 10% of its profits to various associations. “From the beginning, I wanted Miomojo to adopt a business model in which charity projects are firmly integrated into everything we do. When I discovered Animals Asia’s passionate work and their efforts to save bears from the bile industry, I was even more determined to contribute. Since then we have supported several international associations for the defense of animals. We also help several smaller realities, such as rescue centers, which deal with helping animals in difficulty. Today we can proudly say that we have donated over $ 250,000 ». Among the supported associations: FOUR PAWS International and Mercy for Animals.

How the fashion industry is changing

Consumers today are more aware and demand greater transparency from both large companies and small distributors. “In a sense, the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated a long-awaited and necessary ‘awakening’. Today consumers, especially the younger ones, choose brands that, in addition to offering a beautiful and quality product, are also respectful; they are aware that true sustainability is respect: for humanity, the environment and animals. Furthermore, among the consequences of the pandemic, research shows an important increase in the search for animal-free and vegan materials».

This trend is also confirmed by the recent Farfetch report. Today 88% of consumers are interested in minimizing their environmental impact, have become more responsible and prefer to buy from brands that are attentive to these issues.

Miomojo’s typical customer shares all the values of the brand. «One of the main goals of our brand is to be inclusive. In fact, although the majority of our customers pay attention to sustainability, ours is also a segment that values beauty. We can say that our accessories are noted for their attractive aesthetics, and their purchase is also motivated by the philosophy of which the brand is the bearer, respect above all ».

Bag in AppleSkin

Miomojo: future projects

Miomojo will become a B Corporation. Claudia Pievani explains: «Becoming a B Corporation seemed to us a natural consequence of our path and our values, an official recognition of what we have always been and a drive to improve our environmental performance. The B Corp represent an evolution of the very concept of a company. As a business, we believe that the importance to be attributed to profit and success cannot be greater than that attributed to the planet and animals. In this way we formalize our use of the business “as a force for good” ».

In the pipeline there is also the creation of a line of shoes that combine design, respect and affordability. “A great project we are working on is a Miomojo Foundation for animals and a rescue center, which is a place of peace for rescued animals and an educational center for a better future.”

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