Pandora will become “carbon neutral” by 2025

This was announced in its press release of 30 January 2020, in which was expressed its intention to make significant changes in their production processes; with the aim of becoming carbon neutral and being an active part of the change towards a more environmentally friendly productivity.

Pandora is committed to climate neutrality, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions for all production processes and throughout the entire production and distribution chain.

As a starting point in 2020, the company will make use of 100% renewable electricity in its two manufacturing plants in Thailand; while by 2025 it aims at zero impact production with the environment. The second target includes factories owned by Pandora, such as own and operated stores, both of distribution locations and offices.

According to the Pandora press release, manufacturing factories are the 52% of the company’s carbon emissions. So in order to achieve its first goal which is the use of 100% renewable energy; the company will only use certified solar energy suppliers.

Pandora will become “carbon neutral” by 2025

Furthermore, the brand ensures that over 90% of greenhouse gas emissions come from the production and distribution process that are issued outside the operations managed by the company. Most of the emissions come from the supply of raw materials; while other sources of emissions are the production of some parts of the jewelery, its packaging, franchising and transport.

“The fight against climate change is one of the main challenges facing today’s world and being a large multinational company, we have the duty to help to preserve the environment with the necessary measures. Responsible corporate practices for the recycling of waste and materials have always been part of Pandora’s modus operandi and now we want to increase our commitment, committing ourselves to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and helping to bring sustainability to the jewelery industry “, says Pandora CEO, Alexander Lacik.

It is important to remember that nowadays Pandora mainly uses recycled metals and artificial stones, which have a much lower environmental impact than non-recycled metals and mined stones.

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