Pangaia a rainbow of sustainable fashion innovations

Sustainable and innovative materials for an inclusive fashion

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Origins of a sustainable fashion

Born in 2018, the British company Pangaia is a rainbow of sustainable fashion innovations. The company implements a holistic approach to a fashion of sustainability and inclusion. They offer a full range of colors that reminds of the rainbow. Furthermore, the latter is also the symbol of inclusion and optimism about the future. Through their garments, they engage in the journey towards sustainability. The main actors are not only designers, key figures for a fashion brand, but also scientists, technologists, innovators and engineers.

The name already tells the inner secret of the fashion company: Pan: all-inclusive, in relation to the whole of a continent, racial group or religion, and Gaia: Mother Earth, emphasizing the role that Nature plays, especially on materials.

More than just a brand, Pangaia is a direct-to-consumer materials science company. They breakthrough textile innovations and patents into the world through everyday lifestyle products. The style is basic, suitable for any situation and needs. In other words, they wanto to be inclusive, embracing the genderless trend which is a relevant topic nowadays, not only in the fashion industry.

Sustainable fashion innovations
PANGAIA 365 collection, made for every day

A rainbow of essential design

Firstly, the design is utterly simple and minimalistic. Secondly, shapes are comfy and young and the overall style winks to the streetwear one. The loose-fitting follows the genderless movement. Garments come out in a rainbow of colors that represents inclusivity, a fundamental value for the brand. The text block printed on the right side of each garment gives the customer information. It communicates how they made the garment, as well as the dyeing and treatment process. A sort of modern label, well and fiercely exposed. The brand wants to show that they do things in a new, sustainable and proud way. And its community is ready to show it to the rest of the world.

Pangaia undertakes a specific path with materials. In other words, they develop and implement biobased and plant fibers, technical fabrics, recycled material (such as cotton, wool and cashmere) and develop special textile treatments.

They use technology to ensure complete supply chain transparency. In fact, all trims, labels and threads are either recycled or responsibly sourced. 

Sustainable fashion innovations

Materials: innovating with Nature

Among the sustainable fashion innovations Pangaia has a list of new materials and technologies. One of them is FLWRDWN™. They combine wildflowers, biopolymer and aerogel to make this down-fill material. The innovative combination gives a breathable and animal-friendly material. The wildflowers are managed responsibly, without any pesticides or artificial irrigation and so preventing pollution and saving water. Biopolymer is made of corn and therefore it is compostable. Plus, wildflowers have a down-like microstructure. When combined with the biopolymer it brings out the thermal-warming properties. Finally, a special aerogel infuses both materials, ensuring performance and durability. It took 10 years to scientists to develop this technology.

Pangaia Labs’ newcomers are FRUTFIBER™ and PLNT FIBER™. They both aim to be reliable alternatives to common textiles. The goal is to replace cotton, which requires a big amount of water in its growing process and they ensure both materials look and feel like cotton. 

FRUTFIBER™ is a blend of responsibly sourced bamboo lyocell combined with pineapple leaf and banana leaf fibers. The aim is to repurpose food waste (both are by-products of the food industry) into innovative fabric. 

don't waste fruit, wear it.
Don’t waste fruit, wear it. Pangaia social media campaign.

PLNTFIBER™ is a blend of responsibly sourced and renewable resources: the Himalayan nettle fiber, the bamboo lyocell, and eucalyptus lyocell embedded with seaweed. The Himalayan nettle fibler is a non-food crop that can grow on very poor soil, without the need for pesticides and fertilizers.

Sustainable innovations: finishing and prints

In terms of garment treatments Pangaia developed the Peppermint Oil Treatment. It is a durable odor control finish and antimicrobial treatment made with peppermint essential oil. It enables garments to stay fresher for longer. Therefore, the main goal is to prevent customers from washing clothes several times, causing cloth damages, but also water pollution and high energy consumption.

Additionally, another important sustainable innovation is printing. They collaborate with AIR-INK®, the technology that turns air pollution particles into water-based black ink. The brand used it to print logos and text blocks on their garments.

Sustainable fashion innovations
Peppermint essential oil print

In conclusion, Pangaia is also engaging in the planet protection. With every purchase, they donate a portion of the proceeds to the Tomorrow Tree Fund. Together with Milkywire, they support grassroots NGOs with a commitment to plant, protect and restore 1 million trees around the globe. The aim is to amplify the impact of the fund on a global scale while also supporting local communities. To celebrate the launch of the fund, Pangaia introduced the Forest Collection. The garments comes with recycled and organic cotton mix, made with recycled water system and a dyeing process that is less harmful for the planet.

Forest Collection campaign

Pangaia is certainly the brand to know when it comes to explore a bit more the wide world of sustainable, inclusive and innovative Fashion.

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