Freedom is the most valuable thing a person can have

If we stop to think for a moment about everything that is happening in the world, it might seem that we live in times of pure chaos. We read, listen and watch news about devastating situations. In the end, all we want is peace, right? However, not everything is bad and not everything is lost; Today I want to give you news that its essence revolves around love and humanism.

What is your perspective on fashion? It is true that the concept of fashion is different for each person. For some it might mean constantly shopping for clothes, for others it’s about expressing a lifestyle or individuality, etc. But fashion goes further and also refers to the visual and tangible expression of the situations that we live as human beings. On the other hand, this fascinating and extensive industry also brings many positive aspects to our lives, as is the case with designer and artist Yuliya Savytska.


I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do

Jana Stanfield.

Lady Bag

Many of us know the difficult situation in Russia and Ukraine, but hey! I told you I was going to give you good news and I keep my word. Yuliya is a Ukrainian haute couture designer who has her own label Yuliya Savytska YS. She has found a way to fuse fashion with humanism through her passion, thus creating the “FREEDOM” Couture First Lady Bag.

This is not just an evening bag but a true haute couture work of art personally made by Yuliya. For its elaboration: “handmade of French viscose-silk velvet fabric, Swarovski crystals, Swarovski Pearls, French and Italian sequins, Japanese sead beads, 24k gold plated beads, Chinese rondelles, viscosa-polyester jacquard lining, Chinese fermoir and shoulder chain and other precious materials”.


In addition, it should be noted that no machine was used during the process; each piece, each seam, each element was carefully made by the hands of the designer personally. Even though it is a small bag, Yuliya thought of all the elements and added a special compartment inside it to store the cards.


The Couture First Lady bag “FREEDOM” is full of symbolism, it goes beyond a common bag. The word “Freedom” in Ukrainian «ВОЛЯ» stands for “will” and is a word that is written in the Ukrainian heraldic Trident. This shield is precisely the one that can be seen in yellow on the front of the bag.

Yuliya supports her homeland and her compatriots in the best way, that is why 20% of the sale of Yuliya Savytska YS will be donated to support humanitarian and medical organizations in Ukraine. You can purchase the products or better yet, the Couture First Lady bag “FREEDOM” through the official website.

Yuliya is a clear example that in difficult times, good hearts and love are always present, but above all, she gives us the great example that no matter what we do, we can always help others through our talents. . It is only a matter of «ВОЛЯ» (will).

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