Fil rouge, fil green: Sarah Borghi

Belen Espino

Fil rouge, fil green: Sarah Borghi and the world of made in Italy hosiery. 

When it comes to tights, the female universe literally goes crazy.

Always great friends of women, a symbol of sensuality, identity, refinement.

It is that modernity that knows how to magically tell the story not only of those who produce them, but also of those who wear them.

And if these are part of the world of sustainability, then the discourse can only be strengthened more and more.

In fact, the Italian textile industries have decided to respect the environment by not losing their values but by giving even more to their products.

The luxury hosiery brand since 1975 “ Sarah Borghi ” knows its stuff on the subject.

Campaign for Sarah Borghi, Photography by Marco Bizzotto

Faithful to the cornerstones of innovation and refinement, it enters the green universe scene with the collection “Green Collection 2021”.

In fact, hers was an answer to the question of a woman who wants to be more and more fashionable but respecting the environment.

Mantra of that “timeless” that Nature teaches, her creations present a range of versatile and colorful products designed for every woman.

From seductive tights to everyday stockings, together with knee-highs, to athleisure with leggings.

New shades of colors, new quality, search for beauty and above all for a future that is less and less distant from the needs that the world of fashion is asking for.

GREEN Collection by Sarah Borghi con ROICA

Environmental responsibility on the one hand and cutting-edge technology on the other, these tights aim to create those fil rouge that create awareness.

Awareness of what you wear, awareness of how what you wear is made.

From yarns, to productions, to handmade: everything must be part of the system in which circularity and well-being respond correctly to those fil rouge fil green of the sustainable world.

Fil green is the link between Sarah Borghi brand with Gizeta Calze, first Italian company in the hosiery sector that includes sustainability.

A solid commitment, so much so that the financial information and in-depth analysis of sustainability are described in the company’s financial statements.

These are therefore conceived as necessary and complementary to each other, to ensure that transparency and responsibility are the distinctive fil rouge fil green of the company.

The two materials used for the creations of the socks for this collection are of the new generation.

One is Amni Soul Eco, polyamide 6.6 yarn that is biodegradable under anaerobic conditions, which degrades in about 5 years * after disposal in landfills.

The other is ROICA V550 from leading fiber manufacturer Asahi Kasei, a premium and sustainable stretch yarn.

This breaks down intelligently without releasing harmful substances into the environment.

Key elements that make ROICA V550 a valuable choice in terms of approach to circular economy materials.

Making elasticity the keystone in a world where nature is returning to being itself: fashion.

GREEN Collection by Sarah Borghi con ROICA

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