Rootip: storytelling and sustainability

Matteo Risso

If you think that marketing and the environment could never agree on anything, you are certainly not familiar with Rootip! Have you ever heard about it before? Rootip is a British company specialized in storytelling for eco-friendly brands; with a double focus on Customer Experience and Business to Business! The idea at the heart of the project is to give voice to products, and their stories. How? Through compelling and colorful stories. Authentic stories that guide us through our journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. It is not a coincidence that in 2021 Rootip has been selected as United Nations’ official partner for Sustainable Development Goals. The United Nations promote this initiative to give continuity to the Development Agenda following the Millennium Development Goals. You might be curious now. What if we delve further into Rootip’s sustainable literature? 

How was Rootip born?

“My background is in technology. I have been building software and apps for the last 15 years. I had this nagging voice in my head that: how is it that I buy products and I have no idea where they come from? Who actually made them? It was actually bothering me”. These are the words of Ali Nourbakhsh; CEO and founder of Rootip, with whom I had the pleasure to chat. In 2019, he reunited a passionate team worldwide, and together they built up the Platform. After three years and a global pandemic, they have 125 businesses using Rootip. Outstanding, isn’t it? But, of course, this is just the beginning. Rootip’s Platform is able to create many different values for approaching different entities. They work for communicating the social and environmental impact of products. And there is a whole world to discover!

The idea at the heart of the project is to give voice to
products, and their stories

The shared vision

Transparency is the key ingredient of Rootip’s recipe. The vision of the brand is, indeed, to create the expectation of full transparency to the customer. The goal is for end customers to know where and how the products they purchase have been manufactured. Telling about environmental sustainability through consumer goods might seem paradoxical, but it is actually not. Rather, it is a game of resemantization. Consumers gradually learn about the best sustainable practices regarding production and distribution. The production chain is not a mystery, nor should it be. Companies that work ethically and sustainably deserve to see their transparency reflected in the product they make. For this reason, Rootip commits to raise consumer awareness of the importance of sustainability. 

Supporting sustainable businesses

The goal is for end customers to know where and how the products they
purchase have been manufactured

Saying it with its founder’s words, “in the Western world, if we buy a product that is very cheap, it means that someone very poor has actually paid for that.” Now more than ever, this trend needs to be reversed, and realities like Rootip can really make that happen. How? Simple: by supporting sustainable businesses. This means creating short masterpieces that aim at educating the customer about the supply chain. Finally, customers take pride in knowing that the product they have chosen is making a difference in the fight against environmental catastrophes and social injustice. In Rootip’s Official Website, you can visit a lot of different pages from different brands that work for us to have more sustainable lifestyle.

Future goals of Rootip’s Platform

For Rootip, a world where a dead tree has more value than an alive tree has something fundamentally wrong. They are working hard to expand their Platform and incorporate different business realities. As Ali Nourbakhsh explained to me, “there is a huge pain point for sustainable-ethical businesses that have gone the extra mile to secure sustainable-ethical supply chain to actually tell that story to their customers”. But things are already changing. Customers care about how the products they put inside and on their body have been made. In fact, when it comes to food and body care, statistics confirm that consumers care A LOT about the sustainability of products. That is why it is so important to support dimensions like Rootip, where being respectful towards others and the environment actually matters!

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