Knot On My Planet; Loewe loves elephants

Spanish brand Loewe joins the fight against animal abuse with a limited-edition capsule named Elephant Mini, handmade in Kenya.

With this project Loewe wants to show how much he loves elephants. The interesting part of it is that 100% of the funds raised will go to the various projects of the “Knot On My Planet” campaign, which seeks to protect and safeguard elephants welfare since these animals are subjected to abuses and ivory trade in areas such as Asia and Africa.
If I’m to express my point of view, I’d say that it’s not a bad idea. Given that a bag costs on average about 1200, the proceeds could be interesting though this also depends on the quantity produced. So, I know that you animal rights activists will surely be wondering what material these bags are made with. I know it because it’s the first thing I asked myself.

The answer is … leather. Decision that doesn’t seem very assertive as it’s a bit illogical. However, as I have always said: for me, an eco-friendly project is always a start, especially to get to other (non-green) consumers, and raise awareness of the need for a change towards nature.

However, if you’re not sure about this project or you simply haven’t got enough money to buy one of these bags, but still you’d like to actively participate and help these beautiful animals, I am attaching the link of the foundation where you can make your donation.

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