New green trends: sustainable boxes

Sara Bargiacchi

The rapid evolution of packaging design

New green trends are changing and defining a new kind of packaging. Especially at a time like this, sustainability is a key factor, as is personalization. This is already a good reason to stay constantly updated.

New green trends

The latest and new green trends: direction

As already announced, in recent years sustainability is directing the change, especially of the materials of the boxes. Even luxury brands are reviewing their perspective, such as Burberry which revolutionized its packaging through recycled coffee cups. This led to the elimination of 29 tons of plastic coating. At the moment, the focus is mainly on inserts with compatible options or their removal. Ergonomic packaging will also cover an important role as technology and sustainability go hand in hand. This will be strongly linked to the customizable component, such as paper elements, ribbons, or cards, which is already gaining momentum. This is evident in the production of limited editions or special occasions. Another interesting trend is sound in packaging as a synonym for quality and safety.

New Burberry packaging made from recycled coffee cups

Keeping up with green trends: how?

The first thought to make here is about turning to the circular economy: how do we effectively reintroduce boxes into the supply chain? Dr. Ian Pearson has suggested a change in mindset that will lead within a decade or so to perfume bottles also being seen as jars. The idea is to be able to consider packaging made from mono-material materials as gift boxes. The attention that brands have to pay is getting higher and higher. For example, more brands pay attention to the paper of the boxes. An interesting reflection is that social media have guaranteed a creative and distributive platform with sustainability at its core. In addition, they have also touched the logistical part by ensuring that transportation is adequate without damaging the product. This is to give a beautiful unboxing experience to share on social media.

Sustainable subscription boxes

When wanting to live a more sustainable lifestyle, it is also possible to shake up old habits. One eco-friendly and ingenious way is sustainable subscription boxes. In fact, they offer a range of great products from multiple brands, certified and sustainable products, to introduce into a daily routine. All the products inside their eco-friendly boxes go through a verification process with so many criteria. Most of the services that offer these boxes have meticulous and personal care and make them with natural and cruelty-free ingredients.

Subscription box

An example is the Detox Box of Detox Market: natural facial oils, organic makeup sets, and ingestible beauty potions. All new products are screened and analyzed to receive only the best through a totally sustainable box.

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