guide to the beauty of aromatherapy

The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide

An Essential Beauty Guide

If you want to learn more about making effective and natural skin and hair care products, this is the perfect book. Let’s explore together The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide.

About the Author

Danielle Sade has over 30 years of experience in the field of aromatherapy. She has founded a renowned aromatherapy school and served as President of the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (CFA) for three terms. One of her most iconic phrases is certainly “Each drop of essential oil contains a natural pharmacy”. For her, common scientific foundations are essential to share information and make understanding more effective.

According to reports, aromatic molecules not only have the power to change the way we perceive the world, but also therapeutic properties. It’s the dynamics of these therapeutic actions that form the foundation in Danielle’s successful approach to skin care.

She was also inspired to write this book because she herself has experienced skin sensitivities for a long time. After trying a number of treatments, she sought out a natural-medicine healing approach through essential oils  

A tour through The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide

The book contains extensive information on how to create your own products. Easy-to-follow instructions allow you to meet different skin care needs. In this book you will find more than 100 formulations to create face, bath and body products at home, which are also perfect during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is remarkable that it includes personal care products for men as well.

The book focuses on the anatomy and types of skin, the art of skin care, mind-body connection and product formulation Note also how detailed are the descriptions of the raw materials you’ll need to get started (flours, clays or grains). The author discusses extensively the 16 essential carrier oils such as coconut oil, jojoba oil and marula oil.

Main ingredients

She features as many as 35 essential oils, from bergamot to chamomile and carrot seed, and talks about biosynthesis, variety and gender.

Each oil profile provides a detailed description of:

  • Botanical name and family
  • Aroma and plant description
  • Warnings/Precautions
  • Benefits for skin care

With regard to the importance of fatty acids it includes profiles for 16 carrier oils and 2 vegetable butters (shea butter and cocoa butter):

  • Botanical name and family
  • Standard fatty acid or saturated fatty acid composition: monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • General description, Uses, Component, Benefits, Tips/Notes

Herbal Infusions and Hydrolates

In addition to oils, Danielle provides a helpful overview of the processes used to make oil, glycerine and alcohol-based herbal infusions She also summarizes the attributes of ten botanicals often used for their benefits within personal care applications. Similar in-depth studies are carried out for hydrosols, albeit to a lesser extent (perhaps they will be covered in a second edition).

By following Danielle’s instructions, making personal and plant-based creams and lotions is child’s play. Not to mention how satisfying it is.

Living a natural and sustainable lifestyle was never so easy!

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