Being Human

Bruna Rotunno's photographs

What does it mean to being human today? It is a simple but lapidary question. And it is also a very important query. About which we cannot afford not to question ourselves.
In its apparent innocence, however, it reveals the contradiction, complexity and relativity of life. Which also represent its real mystery.

The Smaller#9 - a pic of Being Human photopraphic project
The Smaller#9 – Ph Bruna Rotunno

Being Human

Tallulah Studio Art in collaboration with Epipla Gallery presents Being Human. Photographs by Bruna Rotunno; a photographic project curated by Juliana Curvellano. The exhibition brings together, for the first time, both aspects of Bruna Rotunno’s work. An artist who has always explored the nature of being human through both photography and video.

Nothing more demonstrates the greatness and power of the human intellect, nor the height and nobility of man, than to be able to know him and entirely understand and strongly feel his littleness

Giacomo Leopardi

The title

The name of the exhibition itself is an inspiration. It goes back, in fact, to one of the photographs in the exhibition. In that photo, the word Being Human is written on the shirt of a man with a distant lost look. Confused in the golden light. Standing on a terrace of the anonymous suburban building. The suburbs of New Dehli, India.

A family portrait - a pic of Being Human photopraphic project
A Family Portrait – Ph Bruna Rotunno

Work Program

A work program well summarized in a picture. In this way, through shots taken around the planet Bruna tells. She tells us about relativism and infinite smallness. Of our condition in comparison with the immense power of nature.
Through a skillful lens, the works in the exhibition send us back questions and ideas, glances and impressions. They gradually lower us into Bruna Rotundo’s artistic world.

WalkWays - Waterfall-a pic of Being Human photopraphic project
WalkWays-Waterfall – Ph Bruna Rotunno

Telling the contemporary world

His shots uniquely narrate the contemporary world. The evocative metaphors and tricky questions. Wandering around Milan (the city where she lives) and photographing it in a suspended and surreal time, the artist returns the presence of flashes of uncontrolled nature. Elements that somehow pre-exist the urban space. In his video works, which became an NFT project and were conceived during the pandemic, the absence of human beings produces a real estrangement.

In the metropolitan landscape, this flicker allowed the videoscape to appear in windows that offer the opportunity to regain awareness, to walk again in an “original” urban matrix. And, finally, to remain connected to it through the visionary passages, which are also as many “real” views.

We are made of the same matter as the Universe, water, earth, clouds and stars

Paraphrasing William Shakespeare Bruna states, “We are made of the same stuff as the Universe, water, earth, clouds and stars.”

The entrance - a pic of Being Human photopraphic project
The Entrance – Ph Bruna Rotunno

Together with her insights, the images Bruna Rotunno has created for Being Human provide the viewer with a concrete element of reference. They give him a way to perceive and to rediscover. By restoring a balance between human beings and nature. And renewing the promise of the possibility of reconnecting with the environment.

Being Human
Photographs by Bruna Rotunno
Curated by Juliana Curvellano
October 19 through November 19, 2022


Via Sant’Antonio 2, 20122 Milan

Bruna Rotunno’s Website

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