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Young N Sang, upcycling and streetwear coreano

Upcycling and streetwear meet in a brand with an international flavor: we are talking about Young N Sang.

Young N Sang is a menswear brand founded in 2018 by two young Korean designers, Youngshin Hong and Sanglim Lee. In 2015 the brand obtained its first recognition: it won the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designer of America) competition. In 2021 Young N Sang was presented as part of the special “Sustainable Style” project of Pitti Immagine Uomo, coordinated by Giorgia Cantarini.

The path that Hong and Lee have decided to take is centered on recovery. “Korea is one of the most polluted countries in the world and the fashion industry is a major cause of environmental pollution. As a designer we felt the need to do something. We aim to design zero-waste collections, minimizing waste. “.

Young N Sang’s latest collection, called “Street Vendors”, is inspired by the street vendors swarming the streets of Seoul, possessing a colorful and original style. The model chosen to represent the collection is the grandfather of one of the designers.

Young N Sang’s “Street Vendors” collection (upcycling and streetwear)
Young N Sang’s upcycling is made using the hand weaving technique.

The fabrics are recycled from waste from local companies or made from garments no longer used. “We worked a lot on our style but above all on which materials to use. Each fabric used in the collection comes directly from our country to limit any type of unnecessary transport; we do not see it as a limit but as a new challenge”, explain the designers. Each garment, in fact, is made in the atelier of Young N Sang in Seoul.

For the fabrics are cut into strips, then sewn together. All new material obtained from the use of recovered scraps makes up shirts and jackets. The shirts are made thanks to a patchwork process that involves the insertion of parts of different prints applied on a print used as a background.

The trousers are obtained from the fusion of two different sections of the trousers themselves, first cut vertically and then assembled together, joining the outer part with the inner one, mounted inside out.

For the accessories are created through the combination of “junk”, so defined by the designers themselves, such as carabiners, fishing hooks and toys.

The handcrafting of each garment is a staple for Young N Sang. “Currently, only the traditional high-end brands have kept the traditional technique of making the garments by hand. This method is not good for ordinary brands, because it produces less and higher prices. However, we believe it is worth more than production. Even if this method requires more effort and time, because it is manual, thanks to this we are able to apply creative and diversified techniques in clothes that maintain identity and quality “.

Young N Sang models in the backstage of a fashion show
For designers, the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic will lead to a change in consumption in the fashion world.

“The pandemic can be a game changer in the fashion industry. We are all forced to stay at home due to COVID-19 and this encourages us to reorganize our lives and think about the future more carefully and wisely. This crisis should be an opportunity to think about environmental pollution and how to fight it “.

The role of brands and their creators is important. “Sustainable brands like us need to help consumers spend more wisely and responsibly.” Like? “By offering timeless and tailor-made designs, eco-friendly garments, upcycling, renting and exchanging clothes, etc. Only in this way can things change for the better”.

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