ZEROCO2 gives oxygen to the future

Belen Espino

The zeroCO2 startup manages the reforestation action with a high social impact. It gives oxygen to the future and fights the climate crisis.

In 2018 Andrea Pesce and Virgilio Galizia founded zeroCO2, with a clear goal: to have a positive impact on the country in which they operate, at a social and environmental level.

The company deals with regenerative agroforestry reforestation projects, the local farming communities receive as a donation fruit trees, forest trees and annual crops.
In this way, not only is it possible to help the environment but also the community, which thus receives food from what has been planted. Furthermore, zeroCO2 works in educational terms by providing training to the populations on organic agriculture and sustainable development.

Individuals and companies can invest in the company’s project through the remote adoption of these trees; thanks to this it is possible to create one’s own forest and support farming communities.
To track and monitor their tree they have developed CHLOE: each plant has an identification code that allows you to geo-locate the tree. It can be seen from the first moment of sowing in the nursery until the first fruit is harvested, for the three years following purchase.

zeroCO2 projects

In 2020 they operated mainly in three areas of the world: Guatemala, Peru and Italy.
Guatemala is the place where it all began, Andrea lived here for a year and fully understood the serious effects of climate change. The population has encountered serious work difficulties due to deforestation to create industrial livestock and agriculture.

In Peru, on the other hand, they operate in the Tambopata National Reserve, a protected and vulnerable area that welcomes various indigenous communities and different species. Given that the largest rainforest in the world has been destroyed by fires and industrial agriculture, they have set themselves the goal of regenerating it through sustainable land management and organic agriculture

Italy is a very different territory that needs differently managed projects. Mainly collaborations with social cooperatives and local organizations were born to promote projects on agronomic practices with low environmental impact and high social value.
This allows the cooperatives to rehabilitate the guests of the structures both at an educational and working level, who can finance themselves through the sale of the products obtained.

zeroCO2 is also very active from the point of view of raising awareness and disseminating information; in fact, it educates users on issues of climate crisis and sustainability. The communicative approach used is simple: the contents are based on scientific sources, are easy to use, interesting and understandable for anyone.

Knowledge is the key to understanding and being aware. 178 million hectares of forest have disappeared since 1990. zeroCO2 planted 200,000 trees in their first year, which counteract the climate crisis by compensating for CO2, stop soil drying and desertification.
What are you waiting for to choose a tree to adopt and see it grow?
You can do this via this section of their site.