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The sustainable e-commerce start-up Olive has launched into the world of shipping in the beauty sector

Perhaps not everyone knows the star-up Olive; is a timely, innovative project in sustainable shipping. A start-up that has launched a new shopping site with a clear goal; making shopping efficient, sustainable and affordable.


Olive allows consumers to aggregate orders from all retailers into individual shipments, shipped in reusable packaging. NEVER MORE CARDBOARD. The same packages are also used to send back the goods to be returned.

The debut in 2021, in February. We are now over 100 retailers present, especially in fashion. However, Olive is poised to take over another 25 beauty retailers. Launch partners of the new effort include brands such as Supergoop !, Kora Organics, Pai Skincare, Erno Laszlo, Jecca Blac, Sahajan. Still on the list Clark’s Botanicals, NuFace, Purlisse, Cover FX, LYS Beauty, SiO Beauty, Peace Out Skincare, Koh Gen Do, Julep Beauty, In Common Beauty.

Now, the expansion also includes adaptation; thus, reusable packaging sets were created with protective elements for the most delicate items. Olive has also created his own version of the air bubble strips; a deflatable version that can be easily reused.


Covid was in a sense a boon for e-commerce. Its use has tremendously increased, as has the guilt over buying too much. If you believe in sustainability, see so many packages arriving home, packed with so much cardboard…. No, it is definitely not the top of the range. And this is where the inspiration of Nata Faust, founder of Olive, was born. Precisely in seeing how little interest there was on the part of large e-commerce operators in sustainability.

He realizes he wants to build something in the e-commerce space that is more focused on social and environmental impact, regardless of profits and consumption.

“I had an epiphany one night when I took out the trash,” says Faust. “All of this waste is both an environmental problem and a nuisance for consumers.” And the biggest problem with packaging is actually the fact that most of those packages are delivered one at a time. Those emissions are actually the biggest contributor to carbon emissions in the post-purchase e-commerce supply chain. “


Not all are elements recognizable by consumers; in fact many are hidden. Returns are a big hassle not to mention the possible inconvenience that comes with buying from many sites. Each time you have to recreate an account and enter all the info. Olive solves this by offering the one-stop-shop solution. Plus, she tackles returns by allowing you to reuse your branded packaging without having to retrieve others.

However, the packaging is not totally resolved; Olive has partnered with retailers in order to be responsible for recycling issues. The ultimate goal is to use reusable packaging right from the start, before the shipment of Olives.

Currently, 10,000 consumers have used Olive; and the brand didn’t even use strong communications campaigns to make it happen.

Olive, is growing her business through a fundraiser of approximately $ 15 million from investors including Invus and Primary Venture Partners.

The sign of change is here. And the beauty shipping revolution has only just begun.

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