The power of Nature; the secret of Rahua

Belen Espino

The refinement of shiny hair respecting nature

A series of products that would not have been possible to know if not for a lucky series of consequences. Events that allowed us to know the true power of the nature.

La nascita e i segreti del power of the nature

We have to thank Fabian Lliguin and an important trip to the Amazon rainforest, not as a hairdresser, his profession, but as an environmentalist, his calling. The reason for visiting so far from NY was to educate indigenous peoples about their land and human rights. There, the enlightenment. All the women present had incredibly long, shiny hair, like a waterfall.

The secret was kept in rahua oil, an ancient secret that has always been known by the local population. It should also be considered how rare and precious it was for Fabian who defines it as “Rahua’s oil”. In fact, its complex, ritual and above all sustainable production has been in the hands of the Quechua Shuar tribe for generations.

In 2008, Fabian’s wife Anna Ayers also entered the field. And here the brand was born; from the wisdom of a people to be able to ideally a line of products designed to nourish, heal, transform and beautify the hair.

The power of nature’s sustainable impact

A key point to keep in mind is that the main inspiration of the founders is always Mother Nature. They are in fact always close to the indigenous people of the Amazon and collaborate with them to grow ingredients only from self-sufficient forests. The idea is precisely to NEVER collect those non-regenerative forest ingredients.

From the creation of Rahua, a cosmetic category has also been created that goes beyond organic and fair trade, defined as Symbiotic. This means that the ingredients are grown wild in the virgin forest. Later, they are worked by hand with ancient knowledge. Producers of local populations are then paid at a higher fair trading price to accept that a self-sufficient economy is created locally.

The power of nature’s sustainable commitment

It should always be remembered that today there are more than 500 Quecha-Shuar families working with the founders of Rahua for the realization of these hair care products.

Inside, the products have clean and non-toxic formulas; in addition, they prevent the pollution of rivers. All formulas are concentrated and thanks to their performance require fewer synthetic formulas and therefore less plastic.

For the safety of customers, the packaging of plastic products is # 1 PET, it is 100% recyclable. Ideal to be reused to make designer rugs, clothing and much more.

It is also important to mention the pink flamingos project that deals with environmental cleaning in the Galapagos in collaboration with Ecoage In fact, philanthropy has been integrated down to the roots of the brand and its business model. The mission aims to be greater awareness of the rainforest, how to protect it, and how to assist local tribes.

The results have been optimal so far; 37,500 hectares of pristine and biodiverse tribal lands preserved.

The success of philosophy

Success was almost instantaneous; the origin of the appreciation comes from the performance of the products, so much so that the brand won the Best of Green Beauty at the Cosmoprof in 2012.

Testimonials say that all products preserve and protect hair while giving new strength to damaged hair and calming the scalp. How is it possible? Thanks to the Rahua oil molecule, small enough to penetrate the bark of the hair, working directly on it. The success also clearly arose from the fact that the products are vegan, without sulphates, parabens, gluten, organic, cruelty-free, supporting the environment and populations.

The treatments offer a luxurious experience that gives hair healthier and shinier.

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