Bamboo Toilet Paper: Stay Green!

Did you know that a single person uses roughly 100 rolls of toilet paper every year? It is among the most widely used products in the world, but the wood we use to manufacture it is far from negligible. According to National Geographic, to date, more than 27,000 trees have been cut down to make toilet paper. To lay the foundations for a more sustainable future, thus, it seems necessary to find asap an alternative to trees in the production chain. In the pursuit of a more sustainable lifestyle, changing even the smallest habit can make a huge difference. In this article, we are introducing you to the benefits of bamboo toilet paper and some of the applications of this portentous material.

Bamboo toilet paper for a better world

Bamboo and Regular toilet paper compared

Regular and bamboo toilet paper go through similar manufacturing processes. The first step is separating the plant into fibers, which are then added to a mixture and made into pulp. Next, it is necessary to soak and press them to get the finished product. According to Green Style, there are three different types of biodegradable toilet paper, depending on the raw material:

  • Pure cellulose toilet paper: produced by exploiting new trees, but through a process of CO2 compensation and reforestation;
  • Recycled cellulose toilet paper: obtained by recycling various paper materials;
  • Bamboo fiber toilet paper: extracted from the bamboo plant; producing soft but very resistant cellulose fibers, to obtain toilet paper that closely resembles plant tissues.

Why is bamboo toilet paper more sustainable? The difference lies in the raw material. Using bamboo instead of sawdust or recycled paper preserves indeed our forests and their inhabitants. 

Why are trees important in the fight against climate change?

Christina Nunez clarified that “tropical tree cover alone can provide 23% of the climate mitigation needed over the next decade to meet the goals set in the Paris Agreement in 2015”. Since then, each country engages in submitting a five-year updated national climate action plan – known as Nationally Determined Contribution or NDC. Trees thus have an essential role in the fight against climate change for several reasons. They absorb not only the carbon dioxide we emit but also the greenhouse gases. As these gases enter the atmosphere, global warming increases generating so-called climate change. This is why it is important to preserve this invaluable natural resource. Because of its speed of growth and durability, bamboo is probably the most sustainable alternative to wood.

Bamboo plant

Environmental impact of bamboo toilet paper

In general, bamboo products are among the most eco-friendly products around. Why? Simple: they are made from sustainable materials and are also completely biodegradable. Unlike trees, bamboo grows surprisingly fast indeed, and harvesting does not kill the plant, which is ready for more crops. It absorbs 1.4 times more carbon dioxide than trees, and stores 1.3 times more water in the ground! Last but not least, bamboo is also a renewable resource; precisely because harvesting does not kill the plant, which grows up to 60 cm in a single day! All of this makes bamboo toilet paper have a much smaller impact on the environment. 

Potential applications of bamboo in the production chain

Bamboo is a promising building material and a valuable ally for sustainable interior design. This material can indeed produce extremely soft and surprisingly long-lasting products. It is suitable for a wide variety of applications in the production chain; from home decorations and clothing to cutting boards and guitars. For its characteristics, bamboo is also great for manufacturing sheets and towels. Basic necessities, such as toilet paper, must go first in a more sustainable direction. In fact, the unbridled consumption of non-renewable resources certainly does not leave much room for recovery with respect to the planet’s life expectancy. The time is now: choose bamboo toilet paper and stay green!

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