Sustainable Gifts

Gift ideas that not only surprise, but also take care of the environment

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Whether you’re celebrating Christmas or not, the truth is that December is known for being a season of gift-giving. And what better excuse to entertain the people you care about the most? Of course, don’t buy for the sake of buying. Neither the planet nor your pocket will be happy with it. Buy conscientiously, thinking about the person you want to give a gift to and opting for those products that do not harm the environment so much.

Of course, the best gift will always be your company, but here are some ideas to avoid arriving empty-handed at your meeting. The most sustainable purchase may be the one you do not make, but unless you live far from civilization, it is almost impossible to avoid this kind of social interaction at this time of year. Even as an individual reward, you deserve a gift for yourself for some achievement or for having finished the year.

So, with the holidays just around the corner, we have some gift options for you.

Sunski Sunglasses

This San Francisco-born brand is responsible for super lightweight lenses. These are created from recycled plastic resin. They transform plastic waste from landfills into the frames of their products. Each pair features polarized lenses with 100% UV protection. Their designs, quite unisex, range from classic to modern. And they come in colors to easily incorporate into anyone’s wardrobe. In addition, their packaging is recycled and, they say, is free of single-use plastic.

Their commitment is also evident in the causes they support. For over 10 years, they have been members of 1% for the Planet. This year they partnered with Earth Guardians. The brand is also certified as climate-neutral.

The Ventana model (US$58) is a classic option. It is a boxy design that never fails and adapts to any occasion. If you are looking for a classic with a slight twist, we recommend the Cambria (US$68). A pair of retro half-rimmed lenses, with a slight metallic line at the bottom. Another option is the Bernina (US$98), a limited-edition model, part of the premium line. It has metal hinges, evidencing its vintage style of aviator glasses.


Solios Watches

Born in Montreal, it was the first watch company to obtain the B Corp certification. From the beginning, their goal was to create a sustainable accessory with an impeccable and elegant design. Thus, every aspect of the product is carefully thought out. The watches feature solar charging technology. In other words, your watch will not need batteries but will charge directly with the sun light. It is even able to reserve energy for 6 months after 2 hours of exposure. On top of that, they use certified recycled stainless steel, ionic coating, vegan eco-leather, and handmade eco-friendly packaging.

They want to significantly impact the world, both the environment and humanity itself. That is why they are partners with the Rainforest Trust and Make a Wish. They are carbon neutral, but they are also committed to being Net Zero internally and externally. In addition, they have a recycling program to send in old watches and get discounts. Also, they count with the We Made Too Much sale, where they offer the remaining pieces from other markets at a discount (even though they take great care of overproduction).

Their pieces are exquisite, providing classic, elegant, and timeless options, for both women and men. Among the many options is the Mini Solar (US$295) which is perfect for any lady. With a white dial and rose gold-tone mesh strip, it provides the necessary shine of a jewel. The Solar Classic (US$240 on sale) will amaze any man who likes to wear a watch. The combination of a black dial with brown vegan leather straps gives it an ideal look to wear daily without losing elegance. Any of these are customizable. You can change the color and material of the strips according to the style of who will use it.

Lastly, The Solar Mini Bundle (US$330 on sale) is perfect for gifting or self-indulgence because of its versatility. It is a set where the main watch comes, in a case with a black background, with two straps to change according to the outfit with which it will go. The rose gold mesh strap gives it refined air and the gray vegan leather strap gives it the necessary casual air without taking away the elegance that the piece already has.


Cariuma Sneakers

Founded by two Brazilian friends, this sneaker company plants two trees in the Brazilian rainforest for every pair sold. So far, they have already planted 2 million trees. They are a Certified B Corp company and committed to finding sustainable options for their products. Their materials are responsibly sourced, whether recycled or organically sourced. Their design is timeless and designed for minimal waste without neglecting comfort. They have designs for men, women, and children. They have even released collections in collaboration with brands such as Peanuts, Pantone, or KonMari.

One option that will suit anyone is the Ibi Low (US$119) model. A classic low-top sneaker, woven in self-healing bamboo and recycled plastic, with an EVA sole made from sugar cane. They come in a variety of colors, from vibrant to neutral, but two shades recommended for their versatility to combine are off-white and sand.

If you want a limited edition, try the Oca Low from the KonMari by Marie Kondo collaboration (US$89). Whether you are a fan of the organization or not, you are sure to love these designs. It is available in solid color in ecru, and with a print of small stars, in 3 colors. The material is organic cotton, and the sole is natural rubber.

And if you have a sibling, cousin, or nephew to give a gift to, try the Slip-on Pro (US$85) or the Vallely Pro (US$89). Both skateboarding shoes are perfect if you practice the sport or if you like urban style. Their materials are vegan suede, recycled fabric, organic canvas, and non-slip natural rubber outsole. Their design wants to be high-performance and ultra-durable, just as skateboarding demands.


SOKO Jewelry

A piece of jewelry will always make you look good. Much better if the company is driven by a social purpose. Soko is a women-led brand, certified as a B Corp. It aims to reduce inequality and poverty in Kenya by providing decent job opportunities to artisans. Not just with fair pay, but with the support and training needed for them to sustain themselves independently.

As for the materials they use, the base is recycled brass that is chrome plated to be silver or 24k gold plated. They seek maximum efficiency by reusing water and monitoring their partners’ practices to ensure their sustainability. It has various designs, some more classic and others more avant-garde, to adapt to the taste of its clientele. A good gift option is Anga Multicolor Stacking Rings (US$148), a set of 3 rings to use however you like. You can put them on top of each other or use them independently.

In a similar style, you can find the Kazuri Drop Hoop Earrings (US$78), dangling earrings with a pop of color, thanks to handmade ceramic beads. They are basic pieces that one can wear with different looks, whether for an outing or a day at the office. It is a gift that adapts to different ages without any problem.

A necklace like the Kaya Charm Necklace (US$128) is perfect for a minimalist look. With the curved detail of its charms contrasting with the thin chain, it catches the eye. Its use goes with any occasion, providing elegance and giving the shine you need in your day-to-day. One of the charms is made from ethically sourced bone, recovered as a by-product of the food chain.


For music lovers, House of Marley

This is a company that has at its core the vision of legendary artist Bob Marley, with values such as equality, love, respect, and sustainability. They created the brand identity in collaboration with the Marley family to continue Bob’s legacy and his love for music and the planet. Thus, they are committed to different charitable causes such as the Marley Project and One Tree Planted, and take care of the selection of the materials they use. These materials include recycled aluminum, organic cork, silicones, recycled plastics, bamboo, and organic cotton.

The Positive Vibration Frequency (US$69.99 on sale) is a good alternative for those who spend hours immersed in the world of audio. Whether you’re listening to your playlist while working or editing videos, these wireless headphones will help, lasting up to 34 hours. In addition, they have soft ear pads that ensure your comfort.

If you are looking for something more compact, to use only at certain times, there is the Redemption ANC2 True Wireless Earbuds (US$159.99 on sale). They are in-ear headphones with touch controls and water resistance. Perfect for use while working out or just on your way to work. In addition, you can customize your sound preferences and configure them to your liking from the House of Marley app.

For true lovers of music and classics, there are the Turntables. Stir it Up (US$199.99 on sale) is a wireless turntable that any vinyl collector will love. You can connect it to any Bluetooth speaker and thus enjoy every detail to a greater extent.

Credit: thehouseofmarley. it


These ideas are just a guide, a review of articles whose production considers their environmental impact. They are companies, which, if they are not in your country, have international shipping to most of the world. Either way, the friendliest option will be to first look at the local market, saving the carbon footprint for transportation.

When looking for a sustainable gift, you should also consider the manufacturer, the materials used, the company behind it, as well as the durability and versatility of the product.

Before gifting, be sure to think about how it will be used if it suits their lifestyle and tastes. The best investment: the product you will use for years and years, rather than one that will sit in the drawer because it cannot find an opportunity.